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Welcome to Speech Language Play NYC

Speech Therapy for Kids Ages 1 - 18 Years Old in Brooklyn, NY

Speech Language Play NYC is a Brooklyn-based speech therapy private practice providing services in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Our Core Values

Speech Language Play NYC is guided by our core values that define our work and approach to therapy. 

Partnership is key

We understand each child's needs and are there to support them and their families in ensuring their needs are met in all aspects of their life. We value working and collaborating with families and other professionals to ensure a child's is receiving the best support.

Play is Learning 

Play is the medium through which children learn. We believe that play is just as valuable to a 2 year olds learning as it is to a 12 year olds. Our sessions are developmentally designed to be play-based.

Whole-child approach

A child is more than his or her speech therapy goals. We believe that to truly make progress in speech therapy we must understand a child as a whole, including but not limited to their sensory profile and social and emotional needs. 

Meghan founded Speech Language Play NYC out of a passion for supporting children and their families in better understanding their child’s speech and language needs. After working as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Meghan was intrigued by the role of language and speech in social dynamics and behavior. Through her experience in the classroom, Meghan grew to see the importance of providing every child with what they individually need to succeed and reach their potential. For many of her students, speech and language supports were the key to their success in the classroom. After finishing graduate school for speech-language pathology, Meghan worked in the Financial District at The Quad Preparatory School, a program for twice exceptional students. At Quad Prep, Meghan learned what it truly meant to support the whole child, collaborating on a regular basis with mental health professionals, occupational therapists, music therapists, teachers, and medical doctors. She learned that a child’s speech and language challenges are best met when their other needs are also being supported. Meghan has the experience and expertise to recognize when a child may benefit from other services and/or support and will provide this guidance to families as needed, as well as incorporate elements of other supports into her sessions.  Meghan is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist and former early childhood teacher. She works with toddlers and school-aged children to provide evidence-based intervention to meet each child's goals. Meghan is trained in a number of specialized treatment methods, including PROMPT, Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC), Meaningful Speech- Natural Language Acquisition Trained, and Social Thinking. Meghan's approach to working with clients is building strong rapport from the onset, communicating with the client and caregiver about progress, working from a strengths-based approach, and incorporating play into all sessions.

What We Do


free 15 minute phone or virtual consultation where we discuss your child's speech, language or social abilities. 



Our evaluations focus on the child and family, making sure our treatment recommendations and plans are tailored and effective.

Individual Speech Therapy


We create treatment plans that meet a child's needs, enhancing areas of strength and improving areas that need support and development. 

Social Groups


At Speech Language Play NYC we provide a supportive and safe environment where children build their social competency and develop a better understanding of how to interact effectively with others. 

School Partnerships


We partner with schools to provide evidence-based speech therapy and social groups during the school day. 

Parent Workshops


At Speech Language Play NYC we are committed to educating parents and caregivers on areas of speech and language development.

Parent Workshops


At Speech Language Play NYC we are committed to educating parents and caregivers on areas of speech and language development.

Clinical Supervision


We are passionate about sharing our experience and expertise with future speech therapists and clinical fellows through clinical supervision. 

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Getting Started Is Easy

  • Book a free consultation or email/call us

  • Find a time for regularly scheduled sessions

  • Fill out intake paperwork

  • Start speech therapy

  • We will share regular updates on your child's progress

Happy Clients


"My two-year-old eagerly anticipated Meghan's home visits each week. Her approach was rooted in play, close observation, and gentle coaching. She pinpointed exactly the issues my son was having, and laid out a developmentally appropriate plan to address them. His speech improved dramatically from working with her over a few months, and she also gave me tips to do at home. He's now developmentally where he should be, which I'm of course happy about, but we miss her visits! Could not recommend her highly enough."

Parent of former client

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