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Speech Language Pathology

Parent Workshops and Professional Development

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of various areas of speech and language development, including gestalt language processors, late talkers, early language development, articulation, phonology, and play.  

Interested in having SLPNYC provide a professional development or parent workshop at your school or program? Reach out today!

In this presentation we discuss the history of and research on gestalt language development, how to identify a gestalt language processors and the steps to providing therapy using Natural Language Acquisition.


In this presentation, we review speech and language development from birth to 4 years old, discuss when speech therapy might be helpful, and build an understanding of how common transitions and routines in the classroom can be language-enriching opportunities.


In this presentation, we discuss the "spectrum" of play. Participants learn more about the various types of play often observed in the classroom and how to incorporate more guided play to support language development and other aspects of learning.

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